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We offer a number of options to unite you with your new puppy. Please let us know if you need to set up transportation and we can discuss details.

Pick Up

We always encourage families to come see us, meet the parents and bring their new family member home personally.

Ground Transport

If you are unable to make the trip, we offer the option to deliver directly to your home or meet you at a location up to 400 miles from Irvine, Kentucky to deliver your puppy to you.
Our Delivery Fee: $0.70 per mile calculated roundtrip – up to 800 miles

If you require Ground Transport outside of our 400 mile radius, we can help coordinate service with an outside company.

Pet Air Cargo

If driving is not a cost effective option, we have 2 flight options:
Option 1: We can meet you at one of 3 airports (Lexington, Louisville, or Cincinnati) for your puppy to fly back home with you.
Option 2: We can send your puppy on the plane to meet you at your airport.
Flight Fees vary by flight and will require an additional health certificate

*Puppy and all transportation costs must be paid in full prior to departure. This includes the total price of the puppy, fees associated with the selected transport option, and additional health certificate and supplies if applicable.
Transportation costs are non-refundable once departed or ticket is bought.