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Siberian Husky Application Form

    What is your desired purpose for the puppy? (Select all that apply)
    Companion/PetService DogEmotional SupportGuard Dog/ProtectionBreedingWorking DogGiftExercise BuddySport/Competition

    Do you have experience with Siberian Huskies?
    I'm a first time dog ownerI have had this breed beforeI have not had this breed beforeI have had more than 1 of this breed before

    How will the dog be kept while you are home and away? (Select all that apply)
    Fenced YardKennel/CrateChain/Leashed RunDedicated RoomFree Roaming LandLoose in the HouseDoggie Daycare

    Under what circumstances might you consider re-homing? (Select all that apply)
    Job ChangePregnancyMovingFinancial HardshipDog is too EnergeticDifficult to TrainContainment IssuesIllnessRenting RestrictionsAllergies